The young brand of Italian watches 3H Italia, has already gained rapid success in various countries. 3H watches represent the light image of time, a disenchantment image, full of color, oversized, playful and when needed aggressive. Likewise for all those keen on important watches, 3H clients are considered optimistic and full of the joy of living. They love night‐life, seduction, fashion and sport. Those who wear a 3H watch want to fulfill with light their day, unique sensation. The concept of "light" has inspired the company in the selection of the name 3H, which is the chemical symbol of tritium, isotope hydrogen used once to give illumination to pointers and hands of the watch (today substituted by superluminova). The principal collection of the brand, Oceandriver, has been developed according to the directives of creativity, eclecticism, versatility, technology and the use of the requisites of strength and reliability. The models Oceandriver are automatic, water-resistant and with buttons and dials with screws. Furthermore, the graphic development of the different components of the dial‐lunette give you the possibility to optimize the ergonomic visual impact of the wrist watches. Other factors of success regarding the brand are without doubt the dimensions of the dial (52 and 46mm of diameter) and an enviable ratio quality/price. The popularity of the brand has grown greatly also thanks to many famous people that have decided to wear spontaneously watches of 3H Italia collection. We would like to thank with pleasure Shaggy, Renato Zero, and various football players as Rino Gattuso, Guti and right up to the young ace of the Italian football, Leonardo Bonucci. The Company participates every year to most important exhibition of the sector, Baselworld.